In late 2016, Revo Soccer chose CCGrass product Stemgrass EX2 to install their main football training field in Los Angeles, California. It’s the first full-size football training field installed with CCGrass in United States.

Soccer is extremely popular among Mexican and Hispanic teenagers (over 200 teams), and the training time is estimated over 10 hours every weekend. The Hispanic population in L.A reaches 49%, which occupies 60% of the total population in the United States. They are big soccer fans.

CCGrass Stemgrass EX2, with a “spine” running through the middle of each blade, is famous for its durability. Different from the regular football grass, Stemgrass EX2 is an innovative artificial grass with the combination of the straight yarn and special curly fiber to ensure better sports performance. Thanks to this innovation, the field installed with Stemgrass EX2 requires less infill. It passed FIFA quality test and obtained test report and official certificate. The surface is resilient enough to ensure great sports performance and reduce shock to the joints and ankles. Stemgrass EX2 is considered as the best solution in looks, feeling and performance.

For CCGrass, we are very pleased to become the supplier of Revo Soccer. We are so pleased that Revo Soccer offers thousands Hispanic children in the USA the opportunity to play the game they love. As a FIFA preferred producer, CCGrass is committed to promoting the development of soccer around the world.