Artificial grass is widely used for landscaping, and now an increasing number of households start to apply artificial grass as indoor decoration because of its beauty and durability. According to the statistics, CCGrass is now serving 600 households every day. As the indoor use of artificial grass becomes more popular, fire retardation becomes more and more important. Our Flame Retardant Series is designed to eliminate fire hazards, bring more safety to our users.


√ A grass that is nonflammable

√ Offer added protection to family

√ 100% safe for family use

UV Defender

UV Defender
Extra Guarantee form CCGrass Landscape
Max UV Defence
Grey Scale “5” Score UVB
Designed for strong sunlight areas

Health Protector

Health Protector
Extra Guarantee form CCGrass Landscape
Lead Free
Heavy Metal Free
No substance of very high concern