Durability . Resilience . Softness

12-15 Years Warranty

The artificial grass industry usually offers products with a 7-8 year warranty. However, the unique design and advanced materials used in the Superb yarn means we can extend Superb’s warranty to 12-15 years, depending on usage and correct maintenance.

Superb has passed the UV ageing test, where it is subjected to 5000 hours of artificial weathering, with a test result of 4-5 on the Grey scale, in line with FIFA’s Quality Pro standard ( Grey Scale). This means it does not change colour, the fibre doesn’t fragment and the turf does not disintegrate under the sun’s rays. Superb, quite simply can sustain far more intensive use than other yarns, and we back this up with our extended 12-15 year warranty.

400μm – Thick yet Soft

Fibre is the core of artificial grass. The shape and thickness of the yarn therefore has a major impact on the durability and sports performance of the pitch.

Superb yarn has an olive shape, with a thickness of 400μm – one of the thickest in the market, yet it is extremely flexible and resilient, retaining its “spring back” characteristics over the long-term.

Thicker yarns are normally not soft to touch, yet Superb is the exception. Superb yarn is made from high-end 100% PE raw material and possesses incomparable resilience and softness to touch.

Lisport XL– 25,000 cycles

The most durable in the market

The Lisport XL is a new generation of wear simulation machine replicating the wear patterns created by studded football boots and the abrasive wear caused by flat-soled sports shoes.
Superb yarn exceeds 25,000 cycles in the Lisport XL test, retaining good shape and showing no signs of wear. FIFA’s Quality Pro standard only asks for 6,020 cycles. This makes Superb the most durable yarn in today’s sports market.

Durability results BEFORE and AFTER lisport XL wear simulation test of 25,000 cycles. (Lisport XL FIFA standard: achieve 6,020 cycles.)

CCGrass improves innovation in artificial turf manufacturer

Super Sports Performance

At CCGrass we focus on refining each detail in the production of our synthetic turf surfaces, including the raw materials we use, our fibre design and our production systems. This means that Superb meets a variety of stringent quality control requirements.

So, for players, whether running, jumping, twisting, sliding or falling, our Superb surfaces offer the perfect sports performance, over a much longer period.