CCGgrass sports artificial grass-ultrasport

Ultrasport is developed inspired by nature with softness, durability and excellent sporting performance. With the diamond shape of 100% PE monofilament, Ultrasport is an ideal solution for sports fields for it can lower the sprains, fractures or other related injuries to the utmost extent. With reliable product quality and excellent user experience, Ultrasport is widely adopted by sports clubs throughout the world.

Product Specifications

Pile Height: 40-60mm Fiber:100% PE monofilament fibrillated
Lisport XL: 6,020 cycles Color:Emerald, Lime, White, Emerald&Lime Bi-color

✔  FIFA Quality Pro playing performance

✔   Come into market over 7 years

✔   Excellent resilience and wear resistance

✔   Pass world-renowned labs testing standard: Sportslabs


Qinghai Sports Center Stadium, China (FIFA Pro)

The PAC Sports Center, Thailand (FIFA Quality)