Tested by Sports Labs Ltd, CCGrass Green HF 13 has been certified the FIH Global Classification – the FIH water reduced system.

This water reduced system is a progress based on the world-recognized water-based unfilled surface, an effort to reduce water use during the game and protect our environment.

What are the benefits of FIH Water Reduced System?

Water Conservation. The system only requires water 1mm deep, while water based-systems need 3mm of depth. Roughly calculated, an international standard field hockey course will save a total of 13 cubic metres of water, which will of course be of great interest to areas with water is in short supply.

Playability. No infill; instead a thin layer of water and high density artificial grass together guarantee excellent ball performance, providing many possibilities for the surface.

Safety. Water instead of infill plays the role of protective layer to largely reduce the risk of friction. The water also has a cooling effect, bringing about better player performance.